Նախադասությունների մեջ տեղադրել Can, Can’t, Could, Couldn’t


1.I could run fast , when I was a child.

2.Yesterday John couldn’t do that exercise alone, so he called me for help.

3. Lucy has passed her driving test.Now she can drive a car.

4.I couldn’t sleep last night. It was so hot.

5.We are having dinner party today. You can come.

6.I couldn’t finish my lunch today, I wasn’t hungry at all.

7. Can you meet me at 5 o’clock?

8. Could you hear the fireworks from your house last night?

9. Do you think you can write that report?

10. I can touch my toes .See!

11. Can you play any instrument?

12.My brother can cook very well. He is a chef in a French restaurant.

13.This telephone is terrible. I can’t hear you well.

Նախադասությունների մեջ տեղադրել a/an/the/


1. Carol’s father works as an engineer.

2. The tomatos are 99 pence a kilo.

3. Ben has terrible headache.

4. Let’s sing a song.

5. Amily needs a new desk in her room.

6. Peter has an aunt in Berlin.

7. My mother is learning to play a piano.

8. Do you know where I put the newspaper?

9. It is better to tell the truth.

10. That was a horrible mistake.

11. She is reading a English book.

12. Did you get the flowers that I sent you?

13. Which bike do you like? – The red one.

14. The house on the corner has beautiful flowers.

15. Monday is always a hard day.

16. Shall we meet at the same place tomorrow?

17. This is the only car I could buy.

18. The children ate an orange and two apples.

19. The Moon goes round the Earth.

20. What is the highest mountain in the world.

21. Look at the apples on that tree. They are very big.

22. The women are often better teachers than the men.

23. In Britain _ coffee is more expensive than _ tea.

24. The life would be very difficult without _ electricity.

25. I know someone who wrote a book about the life of Ghandi.

Նախադասությունների մեջ տեղադրել have got, has got, haven’t got, hasn’t got, had got, hadn’t got


1․ My friend has got a sister.Her name is Alice.

2.My friend has not got any brother.

3.These children have got many toys.

4. Have you got many English books at home?

5. I have got a lot of work to do today.

6. I have got brown eyes, but my sister has got blue.

7. It was a nice house , but it hasn’t got a garden.

8.What kind of car has she got?

9.Julia wanted to go to the concert, but she had not got a ticket.

10. Yesterday I wasn not feeling very well. I had got a headache.

11. Where is my pen? – I don’t know , I haven’t got it.

12. Have you got any brothers or sisters?

13.We must hurry, we haven’t got much time.

14. How much money have we got?

15. Ben isn’t happy. He has got many problems.

Թարգմանել նախադասությունները անգլերեն


1. Ես հուսով եմ, նրանք պատրաստ կլինեն ժամը 8-ին:

2. Ես համոզված եմ, որ դա հեշտ կլինի:

3. Նրանք կլինեն Երևանում վաղը ժամը 4-ին:

4. Մենք շատ ուրախ կլինենք կրկին ձեզ հանդիպելու:

5. Ես կլինեմ տանը երեկոյան ժամը 9-ին:

1. I hope they will be ready at eight o’clock.

2. I’m sure it will be easy.

3. They will be in Yerevan tomorrow at 4 PM.

4. We shall be happy to see you again.

5. I shall be at home in the evening at 9 o’clock

Թողնել պատասխան

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