Tavush state

Tavush state, along with Ararat Valley and Vayots Dzor, is known as one of the three important wine regions of Armenia. Wine lovers in Ijevan can also visit the local winery. Fruit vodkas are also valued, especially honey, wild pear (panda) and black plum.
Tavush’s kitchen

Tavush tzhvzhik is made from cow’s lungs, heart, liver, which is given a special taste by Tavush vegetables: onion, tomato, pepper, greens, spices. The people of Tavush recommend to enjoy this juicy dish with lavash and local wine.

Tavush khashil is a favorite dish for breakfast, which is prepared with roasted and ground wheat with wheat, ghee, yogurt, choratan or milk.

Mokhok is made with dough, wheat and dry flour. They should be acidified for several days. A sour and bitter meal is obtained.

Khangal is prepared with cut and cooked dough, topped with onion and dried bread.

sightseeingTo the groom

Haghartsin is a 10th century Armenian monastic complex located in Tavush Marz, RA, located 18 km from Dilijan city.

Church of St. Gregory

The earliest is the Church of St. Gregory (around the 10th century), which is a domed structure with an outwardly rectangular, internally cruciform (the eastern ones of the four corner vaults are not separated from the prayer hall). The dome transfer was carried out with sable trumps.

Saint Astvatsatsin Church

The main Saint Astvatsatsin church of the complex is a domed hall type. According to the inscription on the fateful stone of the southern entrance, it was built in 1281, but the rewriting of the lower part of the southern and northern walls, the difference between the model of the church depicted in the relief of the eastern facade and the current structure, suggest that the structure was restored with some changes in 1281, having been established probably X-XI centuries.

Dining room

In the western part of the monument group is the refectory (according to the inscription around the southwest entrance, it was built in 1248, the architect’s name is Minas, it is inside, in the northeast corner of the western vestibule), one of the two similar structures in RA (the other is in Hagpat).


Goshavank is a medieval monastic complex, which was a major spiritual and cultural center of Armenia in the XII-XIII centuries. It is located in the village of Gosh, Tavush marz, RA, on the right bank of the Getik River.


Makaravank is an Armenian monastic complex of the 13th century located on the slopes of Paitapat Mountain, 3 km southwest of Achajur village, in the Tavush region of Armenia. It is currently under renovation and interior

Clear Lake

Parz lake, Tavush region, 9 km above sea level from Dilijan, at an altitude of 1350 m.

It is a flowing lake. It is fed by springs. It is 300m long and 100m wide. The average depth is 3 m, the maximum is 10 m. The area is 0.027 km², the volume is 83.8 thousand cubic meters. The lake has a landslide prevention origin. Landslide phenomena have developed. It is surrounded by forests.


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