1) Choose the correct form of the verb: use simple present and simple past ( do not use contractions) I wanted to do that last Monday2.You were there, I saw you (to be) Lis is 5 years old now. (to be) Does she l like chocolate? ( like) Sarahi didn’t answer the questions yesterday. ( […]



Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form, present perfect or past simple.1.Where’s your key? I don’t know.I have lost it(lose)2.I was very tired,so I lay down on the bed and went to sleep(be)3.Mary went to Australia for a while but she’s back again now.(go)4.Where’s Ken? He has gone out. Ge’ll be back in […]



Artivism is the intersection of art and activism. ARTIVISM aims at exploring new artistic forms of political expression under difficult, precarious and/or oppressive conditions. It asks how social actors create belonging and multiple forms of resistance when they use art in activism or activism in art. What kind of alliances do these two forms of […]

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Tourists: Hello!Tour operator: Hello! how can I help?Tourist 1: We want to travel by airplane only, any recommendations?Tour operator: Do you want cheap or expensive tour packages?Tourist 2: We prefer an expansive package.Tour operator: I recommend traveling to Georgia for 5 days with full tour excursions, on 6th day, you travel to Dubai for 1 […]

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Hello Hello I’m Aida I would like to book a room at the hotel very good that you want the number on the floor I would like to have a second floor well as you wish Finally your reservation has been made thank you very much thank you very much goodbye goodbye

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was born in Ajaccio, Corsica.The Buonaparte family belonged to a small aristocracy, Napoleon’s ancestors were originally from Florence and lived in Corsica. Carlo Buonaparte, Napoleon’s father, worked as a judge and received an annual salary of 22.5 thousand pounds, which he tried to increase by conducting property disputes with neighbors. Napoleon’s mother, Leticia Ramolino, […]

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