1.That man is twice my weight.

He (to weigh) weighs 98 kilos.

2. I (to weigh) weigh myself on the scales.

I think I am over weight.

3. Martha is at the market. Right now she (to look) is looking at the figs.

She wants to buy some. They (to look) look fresh.

4. Susie! Get your fingers out of the dessert! What are you doing? I (to taste) am tasting the cake. It (to taste) tastes good.

5. Mrs. Edwars (to have) has a cat and a dog. They are always fighting.

6. Don’t disturb your father, Bob! He (to have) has an important conversation with his boss.

7. «Will you listen to him?» «That (to depend) depend

8. Don’t let him down. He (to depend) depends on you.

9. I have an appointment with  Mr. Jackson.

«Yes, I know. He (to expect)  expects you», said the secretary.

10. I haven’t seen Carol today. I (to expect) expect her to phone me this evening.

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