Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was born in Ajaccio, Corsica.The Buonaparte family belonged to a small aristocracy, Napoleon's ancestors were originally from Florence and lived in Corsica.     
Napoleon Paul Delaroche
Carlo Buonaparte, Napoleon's father, worked as a judge and received an annual salary of 22.5 thousand pounds, which he tried to increase by conducting property disputes with neighbors.
Napoleon's mother, Leticia Ramolino, was a very attractive, strong-willed woman
Her marriage to Carlo was arranged by her parents.Napoleon was the second of 13 children in the family.In addition to Napoleon, four of his brothers and three sisters have reached adulthood.Little is known about Napoleon's early childhood.As a child, he suffered from a dry cough, which could be due to tuberculosis.He learned to read and write in Italian in elementary school and started learning French when he was almost 10 years old.
Napoleon had no friends at school because he came from a not-so-rich, well-known family

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